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Cremona ca. 1578/81–1651 Milan

Panfilo Nuvolone was a Cremonese-born painter who moved to nearby Milan where he established a career as a painter both of religious frescoes and intimate still lifes. He was trained in Cremona by Giovanni Trotti, “Il Malosso” (1555–1612), from whom he learned a late Mannerist figurative style. Arriving in Milan in around 1610 he painted frescoes for the churches of Sant’ Angelo and Santa Maria della Passione among others. However, his Cremonese origins would have also prepared him for developing as a still-life painter, given the great tradition of the Campi family in that genre. On arriving in Milan, Nuvolone would have found a culture which welcomed naturalistic still life painting. Cardinal Federico Borromeo collected such works by the northern Breughel dynasty as well as Caravaggio. Panfilo Nuvolone established a reputation in this genre, using as did his contemporaries Ambrogio Figino (1540–1608) and Fede Galizia (1578–1630), dark backgrounds and then painting stark arrangements of fruits, usually on a metal tazza. His style is freer and more painterly than that of Galizia, though occasionally works by him have been attributed to her. Nuvolone’s reputation was such that his still lives were collected by prestigious patrons such as Cardinal Cesare Monti in Milan and Marques de Leganes in Madrid.


Top Auction Results for Panfilo Nuvolone

Still Life with a Raised Stand, Peaches, Figs, and a Pumpkin, all on a Marble Ledge
Sold for $447,000 
New York, Sotheby’s, 22 May 2018, Master Paintings, lot 59

A Still Life of Peaches on a Pewter Plate
Sold for $269,000
New York, Sotheby’s, 29 January 2015, Master Paintings: Part I, lot 64

Still Life with Grapes, Peaches, and Pears on a Pewter Tazza, with a Self-Portrait in the Reflection
Sold for $225,000
New York, Sotheby’s, 29 January 2020, Master Paintings Evening Sale, lot 49


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