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Sourcing Works Nicholas Hall Art Gallery Dealer Old Masters European Masters

We search for works reflecting our clients' interests, be it artist, school, subject-matter or quality. 

We have built up an extensive database over decades to locate works either privately owned or recently on the market, to help you find what you want. In addition, we follow the market closely and are always aware of works being offered for sale. 

If you register with us your particular interest we will alert you to potentially available works and can then follow up with new works that appear on the market thereafter.




Image: Jacques-Louis David (1748-1825), Portrait of Ramel de Nogaret, Private Collection.
Knowing that a private collector already owned its pendant, Nicholas Hall advised him that Ramel de Nogaret was to be sold at auction in Paris. The collector then purchased it at a cost of $3,007,820 and several years later sold it at Christie's for $7,209,000.

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