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We provide both individuals and institutions with comprehensive valuations of European Masters for a variety of purposes. These include Insurance, Estate Planning or for Potential Sale.


The value of a work of art fluctuates, normally upwards, over a period of time. Even if there is no desire, or need, to sell it is important that your art is regularly appraised so you feel secure that it is insured at the correct value. We research the works of art and examine them for condition to provide a comprehensive appraisal, taking into account current market conditions. We charge on a per diem basis.

Estate Planning

It is important to understand the value of art that may be part of an estate, and in the case of a collection, may be distributed among heirs. While we do not provide tax advice, we provide confidential valuations that may assist in estate planning or the probate process.

Potential Sales

On occasion a collector or institution is faced with a decision whether to sell, and if so, where and when. An artwork may have reached a value where its owner no longer wants to keep it at home, or a comparable work may have recently been on the market for a price that persuades an owner to think now is the right time to sell.

Using experience in both private dealing and auction we can advise an owner as you how to sell works most advantageously whether publically or through private sale. We can also guide sellers who choose the auction route when to seek a guarantee and how it should be structured.

Image: Nicholas Hall on a valuation in Italy

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